Picture taken from Sedona, Arizona

 When we started working from home because of Covid-19 and school closures, I decided to spend more time working my website and other ecommerce platforms that I have been selling on for the last few years? Why? Because once you get the hang of it, you make sales then it becomes a challenge and when you make a sale it's a blast!! Or sell is what it's called in the ecommerce world. Since I am a teacher it's always going to be a sale. Sale or sell? What do you think it should be? I made a sell. Since I have taught English over the years, I made a sell just doesn't sound right to me. I will play along though! 

Much of my inspiration really came from my IT guy. My it guy. My husband! He's very knowledgeable in IT and has been my emotional support system, my website trainer, my IT guy!

My son encouraged me one day, or maybe he was challenging me, guess I'll never know for sure. Anyway, "he said mom you know that there has been an increase in online sales since stores are closing permanently? The malls are slowly closing their doors." You know how this conversation goes, right? Mom, he said, "you love ecommerce selling, build your website you've been thinking about. Why don't you go after it?" I thought to myself, you're right!. His words of encouragement really helped me to move forward and really get serious about ecommerce selling, so here we are. I began to get clarity. As life has moved forward everything has began to fall into place. 

My daughter and I have great conversations about business and the ecommerce industry. She said to me one day, "you know mom I have always admired your entrepreneurial spirit. I think you should follow your passion and fulfill your dreams. Just see where it leads you." My husband agreed. Well, the pressure is on and my kids are watching. Let's do this! 

Fun Fact: Pet lovers here! All adopted as rescues. Currently, 2 dogs and 1 cat. But there have been more over the years. We will continue giving loving homes to needy animals. 

Fun Fact: I'll just say that we are a family of believers and we have been very Blessed over the years in many ways! 

Fun Fact: I primarily write in cursive. My daughter, who is a third year college student, saw me jot down some notes in a meeting recently and it was all in cursive hand-writing. I've been doing it for so long I didn't even realize it. She said to me, you know mom most students these days can't even read cursive much less write it. It's funny to me because after teaching all these years, only one or two of my students has actually commented on my hand-writing. Although, if my students cannot read my cursive hand-writing maybe it's a good thing?!

From our family to yours, thank you for being a part of our journey. 

Have a Blessed day!

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